Speech Therapy
for Kids

Speech Therapy 

Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech and language therapy addresses communication needs. Speech therapists work on language comprehension and pronunciation skills. Alternative communication systems for nonverbal children can also be developed through speech therapy. 

We have experience helping with many disorders such as:

• Speech and Language Delay
• Speech and Language Impairment
• Articulation Disorders
• Apraxia of Speech
• Fluency Disorders
• Stuttering Disorders 
• Phonological Processing Disorders
• Social and Pragmatic Disorders
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Prematurity and High-risk Infants
• Auditory Processing Disorders
• And other various developmental and neurological disorders

We consult with parents and families regarding speech and language delay, augmentative and alternative communication and feeding/swallowing issues.

If your area of concern is not listed, please contact us and ask us a question.

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My 7 year old girl loves here. They are willing to help her. She is getting much more confidence in speaking only with 6 visits. Thank you!

Chihea M.

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